PCE manufactures various kinds of high quality Rigid PCBs for Automotive, Communication, Industrial, Medical, and commercial applications.

  • Plated Half Holes

    Plated Half Holes

  • Impedance Control

    Impedance Control

  • Gold Finger

    Gold Finger

  • Halogen Free

    Halogen Free

  • Carbon Printing

    Carbon Printing

  • BGA & Micro BGA

    BGA & Micro BGA

  • Electrolytic Gold

    Electrolytic Gold

  • 0.2mm Thickness

    0.2mm Thickness

  • Depth Control Drilling

    Depth Control Drilling

Rigid PCB Capability

Feature Capability
Lamination Layer count 1-32 layers
Min. thickness 4 mil(0.1 mm)
Max working panel size 24x31.5 inch(610x800mm)
Max. aspect ratio 10:1
Copper Copper Thickness 0.33~3.0 oz (11~105um)
Trace Min. Line Width /Space 3/3 mil
Routing Dimension tolerance +/- 2 mil (0.5mm)
Solder Mask S/M minimum dam width 2.5 mil
Impedance Control Differential pair +/- 10%
Mechanical Drilling Min. drilling hole size 4 mil(0.1mm)
3 Axis Depth control accuracy +/- 2mil
Material Availability FR-4, High Tg FR-4, Halogen-free FR-4, Metal Core, Low Dk/Df (ISOLA/ Rogers)
Finish Availability Lead-free HASL, HASL, OSP, ENIG, Pattern Gold Plating, Immersion Silver/Tin, Carbon Ink